Not without my MAN!


Martin and his truck come as a package.

When their wedding day comes, some couples like to ensure the bride is the centre of attention. But for Martin, a bridegroom with a passion for trucking, the happiest day of his life would have been simply unimaginable without his MAN.

A picture often speaks a thousand words. Just look at Martin and Stefanie’s wedding photo for proof of that. There’s the bride, holding her bouquet, resplendent in white – and there’s the groom… polishing the rims of his truck with her veil! Luckily for him, the bride is laughing – because she knows, as Martin says, that “It wouldn’t be the same without my MAN!” So now Stefanie has her man Martin and his MAN truck by her side. It could be worse!

It’s also worth mentioning that Martin’s new MAN vehicle wasn’t quite ready by the time the couple’s registry office ceremony came around. But postponing the big day simply wouldn’t have been an option – even for superfan Martin. “Stefanie would have had my head on a plate for that!”, he said. So a MAN TGX RED Lion Edition stepped into the breach for the wedding picture. However, Martin’s own MAN TGS was ready for action once again when the day of the church ceremony arrived – so the bride could get there in exquisite style!