Saving the best for last



MAN is celebrating its current TG series with a very special vehicle. The Trucknology Generation is roaring into the next phase with the MAN TGX EVOLION.

The MAN TGX Red Lion Edition and the MAN LION Pro Edition have now been followed by another MAN which elicits a strong emotional response and which features a design that is slightly different to what is customary at MAN: the MAN TGX EVOLION.

“We wanted to be a bit less standard and move a little more outside the box,” said Pawel Lukasiewicz from the Product Marketing Truck department at MAN Truck & Bus Deutschland GmbH, describing the idea of taking a new path with the MAN EVOLION. “For the first time we’ve ventured towards a design which our body doesn’t normally lend itself to. We put in lines with a racing feel; these make the design very interesting and make it appear sporty while still staying true to the vehicle.”

The design features wraps on the sides and was created with a nod towards motorsports; the stripes which surround the headlights impart additional dynamism to the truck and tie in the front as well.

Highly recognisable regardless of colour

MAN has produced the vehicle in metallic grey; however, customers have the option to select their own colour. Unlike with the MAN Red Lion and the MAN LION Pro whose designs were more restrictive, the MAN EVOLION is, in principle, available in all colours. “The design works on its own – regardless of the colour, every vehicle is immediately recognisable as an EVOLION,” said Pawel Lukasiewicz.

The evolution of the TGX

The name EVO is a nod to the development history of the TGX, which reached the highest level of the current TG series with this vehicle. Within the automotive industry there have been many vehicle models in a high-end racing configuration level with the “EVO” suffix in their name – and the makers of the MAN EVOLION also began with this idea.

“The vehicle is our evolution. Firstly, in terms of the progressive development and also in order to celebrate this era of the Trucknology Generation in Germany with this highly dynamic and striking vehicle.”

Pawel Lukasiewicz

MAN as a supporter of drivers

Beyond its striking design, there is more than meets the eye when it comes to this vehicle, such as a sophisticated interior concept which adheres to the highest quality standards. “Drivers should be able to identify with our trucks, and we want to support them in their day-to-day work with the best possible vehicles.

We’re doing something for drivers in the sense that we’re presenting them with an MAN vehicle with a sophisticated concept and a design which evokes emotions, geared towards the needs of drivers as well as individuality,” explains Pawel Lukasiewicz, describing the support the MAN EVOLION is intended to provide drivers.

The MAN TGX EVOLION is the newest truck from the “Trucknology” generation, a limited-edition special model in a racing design featuring comprehensive standard equipment in the exterior and interior. It’s a real eye-catcher that makes a roaring statement, perfectly equipped to lead the pride.