Perfect for truckers


The cab of the new MAN truck is packed with innovations

Climb aboard and take a tour. A lot has been changed in the cab of the new MAN truck generation to make your everyday work easier and your environment more comfortable and attractive. The cab has been redesigned from the roof down to the footwell. 

As soon as you take your seat, you immediately notice the new cockpit, which is optimally aligned to the driver. Displays and controls are physically separated from each other, and so are much easier to reach and read. You can look down from the road to the display without getting overly distracted. Added comfort is provided, for example, by the completely new transmission control located directly on the stalk switch, which gives you more space. Another highlight is an absolute first: the innovative MAN SmartSelect, which makes it extremely easy to operate the multimedia system even on rough roads. Have we aroused your curiosity? Then climb aboard and see for yourself. 


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