Limitless possibilities with MAN Individual

The standard equipment in the new MAN Truck generation is diverse – but MAN also offers even more, if desired: with the offers from MAN Individual, you can design your MAN to meet your visions and requirements 100 per cent.

You get what you need. In the case of MAN Individual vehicle finishes, this is not merely lip service. The MAN Individual team stands for vehicle finishes and modifications based on the exclusive wishes of the customer. Everything drivers and customers need to successfully fulfil their duties and that makes their day more pleasant – with MAN Individual, individual wishes are developed from the idea through to the truck. 

It has to fit the driver!

First-rate driver focus plays a decisive role in the new MAN Truck generation. In line with this, products from MAN Individual were integrated for the first time during a vehicle launch. The best example: the MAN TGX Individual Lion. The flagship of the new truck generation gets its exclusive sun visor from MAN Individual. A detail that gives the truck that extra something and ensures recognition.

Attention to detail!

Alongside exclusive exterior styling – from the strikingly designed roof bar with auxiliary headlights, the front and side bars, and wheel covers for alloy wheels through to the door entry lighting, the MAN lettering and the lion as a light accent on the floor – great attention has been placed on outfitting the cab.

MAN Individual offers diverse equipment options for the optimal design of the driver’s cab: relaxation in the hammock, LED TV for that cinematic feel on board or a stylish built-in cupboard that, with the possible combination of a microwave and coffee machine, even conjures up an on-board kitchen. For the latter, press reviews have recently attested to MAN’s “attention to detail” at the presentation in Bilbao.

Security on board

From turning assistance to vehicle monitoring: MAN Individual also ensures increased security if desired. With the video turning system (VAS) and the all-round visibility assistant (Bird View), the driver is provided with more support and security in traffic. 

Want more? No problem! In future, too, MAN Individual will do its utmost to deliver tailored solutions so that your MAN vehicles can optimally support you in all your tasks. In line with the motto: by the pros, for the pros!

Looking for custom work?

Here you will find all the products and offers from MAN Individual: