Diesel is my blood, lion in my heart


Ingmar is our driver for the next generation

Ingmar is a laid-back guy, you can tell that from the way he speaks. We could select him to perform the honourable task of being the first German driver to take the wheel of the new MAN TGX on that basis alone.

But then there is also the small matter of the 60,000 kilometres he covers every year driving his truck for a container transportation business; Ingmar is a highly experienced trucker. And this is more than just a job to him, it is sheer pleasure. “Driving is a must for me. There are no two ways about it.” We believe him. The whole story of Ingmar and the heavy machinery started when he was very young. The trained farmer was only five years old when he drove a tractor on his parents’ farm for the first time.

“I’ve always loved driving, especially large vehicles. I have diesel in my blood and a lion in my heart and there’s nothing that I haven’t driven or cannot drive.”

As is the case with tales of passion, they are there to be shared. In Ingmar’s case, this means that his two children make a habit of clambering onto the co-driver’s seat and riding along with him. “When that happens, we need to have chocolate on board,” explains Ingmar. He also has to fit in the odd stop at the ice-cream parlour or the bakery. None of this is an issue for the 39-year-old trucker with nerves of steel.  He was absolutely thrilled that he was chosen to be the first German driver to get behind the wheel of the new MAN TGX. “That was an incredible experience,” says Ingmar, enthusiastically.
And we are looking forward to seeing more of the personable driver in the near future. He shares another passion with us: he’s a Trucker’s World member.

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