Forum rules

Yes, there are rules.
Pleasefollow them. Thank you.

It’s actually not that hard!

You’re probably familiar with the Golden Rule: ‘Do unto others as you would have them do unto you’. If everyone sticks to this rule, everything will be fine. After all, our forum serves as a platform for friendly exchange and interaction, which requires everyone to be considerate of others. In detail, that means:

With your activity in the forum, you undertake to not publish content which is offensive, obscene, right or left-wing extremist, or sexual in nature, or content which violates applicable law.

If, however, content is published which arouses dissatisfaction, please inform us using the contact form. We will assess the case and possibly delete the content.

If a forum member continues to break the rules after being warned, he or she will be blocked and excluded from active participation in the forum. 

Before you get started …

Before you initiate a new topic, use the search function to make sure it doesn’t already exist. Select a descriptive title for a new topic, so that your issue is immediately recognisable to everyone.

Please be sure to use correct grammar to enable quick navigation for all users. Typos make the keyword search tedious, whilst missing punctuation can lead to difficulty in understanding the content correctly. Excessive use of emoticons and other forms of spam is also undesirable. 

When publishing content, it is your responsibility to avoid material protected by copyright or to indicate the corresponding source. When using images or graphics, credit must be provided, or an arrangement made with the rights holder.

Offering goods in the forum is prohibited.

All other forum rules can be found in our terms of use.