A visit to the Bärnreuther + Deuerlein Schotterwerke company

Sometimes it’s good to get something a bit special: like the MAN TGX 18.640 that Bärnreuther + Deuerlein Schotterwerke acquired for its quarry to mark the tenth anniversary of the business.

It’s noon. A loud horn blares over the vast quarry site. “We really do leave no stone unturned” yells Anna Bärnreuther into the camera. Then there’s a mighty explosion. A section is blasted out of the rock face. Dust whirls up. It’s a stunning start to the “Lion Story” video about Bärnreuther + Deuerlein, and the perfect backdrop for the MAN TGX 18.640 as it appears in the next shot with a powerful musical accompaniment. “We will rock you” is written on the tipper, and the stylish Lion, its roaring face emblazoned on the side of the driver’s cab, truly is a rock ‘n roll star.

To celebrate its tenth anniversary, the company wanted not just any truck, but a spectacular eye-catcher, and one that any driver would love to drive.

“We are honoured to be one of the first customers to acquire the new MAN TGX.”

Anna Bärnreuther

They wanted the best of the best to mark the anniversary, and something really special for their drivers. Accordingly, the new MAN TGX is fitted out to the top specification. And its 640 horsepower engine delivers the “rock ‘n roll” promised by the lettering on its sun visor.

Long-standing company employee Rainer Weißmüller won the draw to be the Lion’s first driver. The 41-year-old has been a professional driver for almost 20 years – first for the Bärnreuther quarrying company, and since the merger ten years ago for Bärnreuther + Deuerlein Schotterwerke. “It’s a real honour for me to be the first in the company to drive the MAN TGX 640,” Rainer says with obvious pride and joy. It couldn’t be a better reward for someone who is, as he says, a “heart and soul” truck driver. He had wanted to embark on his dream job of being a truck driver right after leaving school, but because he was still too young to acquire a driving licence he first had to undergo an apprenticeship in another trade. He chose bricklaying. But as soon as he turned 21 he passed his truck driving test and made his career dream come true. Now, 20 years later, the luck of the draw has given him the chance to handle the most powerful Lion in the company’s fleet, which also includes 40 other MAN vehicles. Rainer has been assigned the new anniversary truck as his regular vehicle for the next five years, loading up with gravel and other building materials and delivering them to their various construction site destinations. He and his stylish MAN are sure to attract lots of attention, for as he says:

“When you’re driving along in this truck, everybody looks.”

Rainer Weißmüller

Rainer himself not only loves the look of the powerful Lion, he also appreciates its practical attributes. He especially likes the lane change and turning assist features, as well as the new, wider mirrors. It’s a great feeling for him to know he’s keeping himself and other road users totally safe. He also finds the button array next to the step unit particularly helpful for his work, as it allows him to operate various functions such as the hazard warning system, the spotlights and the window lifters without having to climb into the cab. And ultimately, of course, it’s just a terrific feeling to be allowed to drive this truck. When Rainer received the invitation from MAN sales executive Alexander Hefele to come to Munich and collect the MAN TGX in person, he could hardly believe his luck: “It’s our anniversary truck. And I’m one of the first drivers to be entrusted with the new Truck Generation out on the road!”

Rainer is very happy working for Bärnreuther + Deuerlein Schotterwerke. He likes the friendly, family-style working climate, and appreciates the trust his bosses place in him. The MAN TGX is parked outside his home after work. And the next morning he’s off again – ideally into the sun: “On a summer’s day, at three in the morning, heading south, music on at full blast, then the sun slowly coming up – it’s just brilliant.” Pure rock ‘n roll, in fact.