General Terms & Conditions

1. Scope

These general terms and conditions apply to contracts relating to the provision of a package of services by MAN Truck and Bus UK Ltd, hereinafter referred to as membership of „Trucker’s World by MAN“.

2. Establishment of membership

Membership of „Trucker’s World by MAN“ is based upon a service agreement between MAN Truck and Bus UK Ltd and the services beneficiary, hereinafter referred to as the member.

An application to become a member of „Trucker’s World by MAN“ constitutes a binding agreement to conclude a service agreement.

MAN Truck and Bus UK Ltd is at liberty to accept such an application by submitting a confirmation within a fortnight.

The service agreement shall not be deemed to have been concluded until MAN Truck and Bus UK Ltd has furnished the member with written confirmation thereof.

3. MAN Truck & Bus UK Ltd services

MAN Truck and Bus UK Ltd offers members the following services:

MAN Truck and Bus UK Ltd reserves the right to offer members further optional services. Members may not assert any legal entitlement to these optional extras.

MAN Truck and Bus UK Ltd shall not accept any responsibility for any services provided by third parties who are neither the legal representative nor vicarious agents of MAN Truck and Bus UK Ltd.

4. Members’ entitlement to the services

With their membership of „Trucker’s World by MAN“ and in accordance with the terms below, the member is entitled to make use of the services listed in item 3 for the duration of the service agreement. This entitlement is nontransferable.

Third parties who are not registered with MAN Truck and Bus UK Ltd are not entitled to make use of the services of „Trucker’s World by MAN“.

5. Members’ obligations

The member is obliged to pay the agreed „Trucker’s World by MAN“ membership fee for the duration of the service agreement.

The membership fee shall be paid for one year in advance. In the first year, the membership fee is due within 14 days of receipt of confirmation that the service agreement has been concluded.

6. Contact period and termination

The service agreement is concluded for a period of 12 months on receipt of confirmation and is automatically extended for 12 months at a time, unless it is terminated in writing by either party no later than four weeks before expiry of the contract period.

The right of either party to terminate the service agreement without notice if they have good reason to do so remains unaffected.

One such good reason is failure to pay the membership fee by the due date or if one party to the service agreement breaches one of their fundamental obligations as governed by this service agreement and fails to rectify the said breach of contract in good time in spite of being given a reminder with sufficient
notice to do so. Another good reason is an increase in the membership fee for the subsequent year after the period of notice has expired.

7. Data privacy and confidentiality

It is explicitly stated that MAN Truck and Bus UK Ltd shall store the members’ personal details and access data in machine-readable format and shall process them for the purposes of the service agreement.

All data shall be handled confidentially and shall only be passed on to third parties insofar as this is necessary in order to provide the services governed by this agreement.

8. Other terms and conditions

The member shall inform MAN Truck and Bus UK Ltd without delay of any changes that have any bearing on the provision of services (e.g. changes to their delivery address) and on the contractual relationship (e.g. changes to their name).

Any changes to this service agreement must be made in writing. All legal relations between the contractual parties are subject to the law of England and Wales.

Should any of the above items be or become invalid, this shall not affect the validity of the rest of the contract.